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New software of MK802IV

From:Date:2013-06-24 13:38:53

Rikomagic released new software of quad core mini pc MK802IV. Pls download here:

Pls use batch tool v1.7 to update,you have to press"restore(the third button of the tool)" to finish update. 

Fixed list:
1.Optimized wifi signal to more better.
2.Optimized flash support ability;
3.Added screenshot function.
4.Logitech usb camera and mouse supported.
5.Added "one button recovery" function.
1. If your item occur below issues,pls recovery by this "one button recovery" method:
1).After boot, there is no signal;
2).There is only boot screen;
3).System running very slow, crashing;
4).Cant connect wireless;
5).Unit crash because of APK installation;
2.To use this simple recovery method,  pls keep your FW is 0620 version or more newer.
3.As flash partition increased backup parts(512M), the available internal flash will be reduced 512M.

Instructions of "one button recovery" function:
1.Connect the mini pc with TV set.
2.Press recover button,dont loose it.
3.Connect power adapter, after 3-5 seconds,loose the button.The TV will show the recover interface.
4.After recovery,the mini pc will boot to main menu.

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