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Octa Core Mini Linux PC MK80LE
OS version:Ubuntu Linux
CPU:Allwinner A80 Octa Core
Wifi:Dual band

The MK80LE is the first Rikomagic Linux Mini PC to feature the powerful new 8 Core Allwinner A80 SOC. This device is now capable of full HD video playback using hardware acceleration in Linux, this opens up a huge amount of possibilities.

MK80LE is ideal for a wide range of applications:

-     Replacing large power hungry and expensive desktop computers in business environments

-     Running desktop applications eg. web browsing, creating documents, spreadsheets etc

-     Digital signage applications

-     Web Kiosks

-     Thin Clients

-     Server (runs full Ubuntu to allow complete configuration for all server needs)

-     Fast development platform for users involved in embedded solutions and researching fast ARM platforms. This          device will compile a native ARM kernel in around 10 minutes. (Try doing that on a Raspberry Pi!)

-     As a client for many other applications and tasks, freeing up the need for using a large bulky dedicated desktop machine for the job in hand

-     This platform also offers the following advantages;

-     Boots up in seconds (around 6 seconds from cold)

-     Very low power consumption (2-5 Watts under normal load)

-     Tiny form factor

-     Completely solid state (no moving parts)

-     Runs industry standard Linux distribution Ubuntu

-     Easy to deploy (firmware can be flashed by PC)

-     Low cost compared to WinTel boxes

-     No software licenses to worry about

The MK80LE is available in two versions: standard (2GB RAM, 16GB Flash) or Plus (4GB RAM, 32GB Flash), both versions feature USB 3.0, External SATA, Dual Band 802.11ac Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0.

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