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Quad Core A17 Linux MINI PC V5 LE
OS version:Ubuntu Linux
CPU:RK3288 Quad Core
Wifi:Dual band

The V5 LE connects to a HDMI TV/Monitor, keyboard and mouse and provides a low cost workstation which can be used for just about anything!

The V5 LE has excellent connectivity with its fast onboard 802.11ac Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet, USB ports and Micro SD Card Slot.


V5 LE is ideal for a wide range of applications

- Replacing large power hungry and expensive desktop computers in business environments

- Running desktop applications eg. web browsing, creating documents, spreadsheets etc etc

- Digital signage applications

- Web Kiosks

- Thin Clients

- Server (runs full Ubuntu to allow complete configuration for all server needs)

- Fast development platform for users involved in embedded solutions and researching fast ARM platforms. This device will compile a native ARM kernel in around 10 minutes. (Try doing that on a Raspberry Pi!)

- As a client for many other applications and tasks, freeing up the need for using a large bulky dedicated desktop machine for the job in hand.

Software Highlight:

- Boots up in seconds (around 6 seconds from cold)

- Very low power consumption (2-5 Watts under normal load)

- Tiny form factor

- Completely solid state (no moving parts)

- Runs industry standard Linux distribution Ubuntu (Xubuntu)

- Easy to deploy (firmware can be flashed by PC)

- Low cost compared to WinTel boxes

- No software licenses to worry about

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